Monday, July 21, 2014

James S. A. Corey / Cibola Burn / The Very Best Space Opera slash Speculative Fiction

It's not often I come back to rattle about a 4th book
Cibola Burn is an easy exception
Book four of the Expanse series  /  (post bk.1)  (post bk.2)
James S. A. Corey is knocking me down

The series gets better with every book
The character development is phenomenal
I'm totally invested
I'll follow these people anywhere

The story becomes more complex
Right along with the characters
This is speculative fiction at its very best

I can't bring myself to give any more of the story away
The reward of discovery is too satisfying
The reader is constantly being rewarded, never sated
I hunger for more

Wrecking Ball
Emmylou Harris

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jane Lindskold / Artemis Awakening / Lost World Found

This is a great update on an old premise
Jane Lindskold writes engaging characters
Artemis Awakening is book one

Lost for over 500 years
Artemis was a special vacation planet
Terra-formed and seeded
Even the humans were "created" for Artemis

No modern technology allowed
Go to Artemis, Go primitive

500 years after the great war
The collapse of everything
Total destruction of many planets
The complete collapse of civilisation

Artemis is found by Griffin Dane
Artemis has not had a visitor for over 500 years
All is not a rosy as it seems
What Fun!

Ray LaMontagne

Monday, June 16, 2014

James K. Decker / The Burn Zone / Smokn' Hot

Sam Shao is licensed to nurture Haan babies
It’s a side job she likes and she likes the little aliens
Sam’s guardian, Dragon Shao, is arrested
Something is very wrong
Dragon doesn’t break laws
Dragon upholds the law

Sam has to run, and run hard
They want her too
What could she know
It’s time to find out

Break Neck Pacing
Plenty of plot twists
Intriguing Aliens, many mysteries
Brilliant World Build, A Total Mess

I’ve said too much
Book one of the Haan Series
Book two, Fallout

James K. Decker / Smoking Hot

New music in the library

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Django Wexler / The Forbidden Library / Extraordinary Juvenile Fantasy

I don't always find the good books
In the Adult or Young Adult collections
Some wondrous stories are in the Juvenile collection

Susan Cooper's / The Dark is Rising Sequence
One of my absolute favorite series
my favorite modern day search for the Holy Grail
Riveting stuff

My most recent find
Django Wexler's / The Forbidden Library
I posted Mr Wexler's The Thousand Names (post)
A terrific story well told
Book 2, The Shadow Throne will be here very soon

Mr Wexler's newest
From the Juvenile collection
The Forbidden Library, Rocks!
Totally grabs you, start to finish
Just what Juvenile fiction should do

The young protagonist, Alice
Alice is a Reader
When Alice gets caught-up in a good book
It's nothing like when we get lost in a good story

I can not recommend this book enough
I loved it!

A song writer worth listening to
Performed by some of the very best
Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Borwne

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Paula Brackston / The Witch's Daughter / Total Immersion Literary Fantasy

The Witch's Daughter, just what I wanted to read
Paula Brackston is a story teller
I was drawn in so quickly, so comfortably
Mind you, the story is not all sweet
A good story has sharp edges
The Witch's Daughter is full of sharp edges
Always on the periphery of sight and mind
Lurking, suddenly present

The evil in this story is daunting
Like the protagonist, immortal
Always looking for her
Occasionally finding her

The story spans three hundred and forty eight years
The shifts in time handled deftly
Never jarring the sensibility of the reader
Always holding the reader close
Close to Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith's heart
A warm, compassionate, loving heart

The conclusion
That of a good story
Not saccharine, Not bitter

Music on my play list today
Looking Into You A Tribute To Jackson Browne
The line-up honoring Jackson Browne is top shelf
Singer Songwriters